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Simple Ways To Cut Porcelain Tiles

When it comes to the proper installation of the porcelain tiles in the house, there is no one who wouldn’t like it. Proper home design is something that is dear to everyone and using porcelain tiles is one of the best ways to improve the looks of the floor.

However, there is one important thing that you are definitely missing out. If you want to have properly installed tiles in your home, then you need to make sure that they are cut properly. Most people would hire professionals to do that kind of things but there are some others who like to do it themselves.

There are many different ways by which people can easily cut the tiles. There are some that use the rile nippers whereas some like to use the porcelain tile cutter that is quite famous. The methods are all different for the different tools that we have. So, when you need to cut tiles in the best way, you need to know the different methods by which you can do it.

Different Ways By Which You Can Cut Porcelain Tiles

Here we are going to present you with some of the best ways by which you will easily be able to cut the tiles according to your liking.

1. With The Tile Nipper

This is a very useful tool when you want to have a circular section or an arc section from your tile. This is something that a proper wet saw will not be able to do. Using a proper tile nipper can be pretty useful in such cases. However, that doesn’t mean it makes just the circular cuts. These tools can easily be used for making the regular cuts as well. There are many people who consider this tool to be the best one and that too because it has functions that no one can match up to.

2. With The Angle Grinder

When we talk about a tool that is as great as the tile nipper then the angle grinder is the name that comes to mind. When you use a particular angle grinder, then you will be able to make different cuts that have different shapes and sizes. We are talking about the straight cuts, the square cuts, the circle cuts, and the L cuts as well. There is hardly anything that can compete with this excellent tool.

3. With The Tile Cutter

This is one of the newer additions to the group but is definitely worth mentioning. Most of the tile cutters that people use can be used for the cutting of the ceramic as well as the porcelain tiles. You can achieve any shape or size that you want. However, it is all dependent on the texture of the tile that you are cutting. With the help of a porcelain tile cutter, you can cut tiles in a faster way. That is one of the main reasons why it is so popular.


4. With The Wet Saw

When you need to have a smooth and clean edge after cutting porcelain or ceramic tile, then this is something that you need to use. There is no doubt about the fact that having a wet saw would be excellent for your tile cutting project. However, there are certain cuts that it is not able to make. For example, you might have to find another tool for making the circle cuts.

5. With The Wet Wheel

Here is another one of the tools that you can easily use. The wet wheel also has another name and it is called the diamond blade. The reason why we call it that is because it helps in cutting the tougher materials or materials that have a coarse texture. The wet wheel has got diamonds fixed up in the blade which makes it perfect for the tough projects.

6. With The Drill Bit

When you need to have some cross-sections of the circular nature, you can put your faith on the drill bits as they come in very handy for cases like this. These drill bits help in creating cleaner and smoother holes that will fit the screws in the tiles properly. You need to try it out to see what we are talking about. When it comes to the best methods of cutting a particular porcelain tile, you can use these methods and tools to achieve the best results for sure.